BROCCOLI develops and designs a modular advanced urban farming technology inside a shipping container equipped with a hydroponic system, dedicated to the indoor vertical farming of greens including herbs, lettuce, medicinal plants, vegetables and flowers.

We aim to enable entrepreneurs and farmers in doing horticulture profitably and sustainably.



The accelerating growth of the world’s population, the growing urbanisation, scarcity of the arable land, combined with the adverse effect of Climate Change and the depletion of groundwater resources are raising new challenges that force us to re-think and thus re-invent traditional farming.
It all has made people to disconnect from the origin of their foods. The huge proportions of imports, long logistic transits, often hidden truth about what gets added to foods for it to last longer and the ecologic footprint of production are the problems we want to tackle.
We strongly believe that vertical indoor farming can be a part of the solution.


We use hydroponic technology, which is incorporated in a standard 40 foot shipping container. The inside of the container is customised and automated to sustain seamless growth of herbs, salad, medicinal plants and flowers. The entire system can be controlled via phone and is totally climate independent.
We use just the right amount of light spectrum to bring out the best plant characteristics, best nutrient recipes for roots, temperature of warm Mediterranean climate, including other aspects of controlled environment – CO2 levels, airflow, PH levels etc.




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